Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This is the sweetest vintage 3 pc. little boy's outfit. The red trimmed top has a sailor collar, buttons up the front and at the bottom where it buttons to the pants. I am guessing the size to be a 2. All 3 pieces are 15.00 plus postage. I only charge actual postage price so I can mail it parcel post or priority, you can choose. Priority should be 4.85.

The other top is white with a blue collar and a zipper pocket. It also buttons up the front and at the bottom to the pants. It has a couple of small black specks on the front; I have not washed it to see if they come out. Click on picture to see.

The pants are dark royal shorts with belt loops and button holes that match up with the shirts. Sorry my flash faded the color out (see first photo)

These leather high-top button-up baby shoes are adorable. The shoes have been worn hard, even have a hole in one sole where it was worn completely through! There are some missing buttons, but they still display well. They are 20.00 plus shipping. SOLD

I found these nice cotton braided place mats. They come in two colors, one has a red edge and center, and the other has a black edge and burgundy center. Click on picture to enlare and better see the color combinations. These are easy care, just wipe with a damp cloth. I have some in stock, and can order usually within 2 weeks. I can get as many or few as you like. I can also get matching area rugs in small and large sizes in the same colors in natural jute. The plate mats are 9.00 each and shipping runs about 8.00 for a set of 4. The best thing is I can accept PayPal. I will invoice you when you place an order or I will accept a check or postal money order.


Red (also shown in first picture on table top)

Shown is one of the larger rugs in the black edge. The rugs are 100 jute, but run in the same colors as the cotton placemats. I have several in my house and they look and wear great. The size shown runs 105.00 plus shipping. The cherry dropleaf table is a dandy. It is a period piece with one-board top and leaves. I won't ship this piece, so it will have to be picked up locally or arrange for delivery.


  1. You are the busy girl!! Love your new blog and know you will do great because you have wonderful treasures! (I forgot to answer your question from a while back---the paint on that one large primitive piece is more like a beige than a cream) I can't tell you how much I enjoy your blog and all your photos---if I can't live in the country, at least I can enjoy it from your site! I actually DO get a spring break starting the 23rd--going to FL for the week to see my mom and do LOTS of pickin'--it can be so good down there!

  2. Hi Carrell---did you delete your original blog? I get an error message that it doesn't exist when I click on it from my links--just wondered.

  3. Hi - how much would be shipping to Germany for those shoes?

    Thanks, Marion

  4. HI - I twice tried to email you - don´t know why it doesn´t work. I would like them - please send invoice by paypal - thanks, Marion

  5. Got the shoes today - they are wonderful...and what a quick shipping - THANKS!


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